A few days ago, I found wonderful web site, TED.com

There are many videos and scripts for free, which I think is very good speech of famous people.

And their speech influences me to think everything widely.

However I have some troubles in listening clear, I understand it in general meaning or flow but cannot hear detail expression, which is difficult word or long complicated sentesnce...

Now I am good at Reading, Voca, but not good at talking, writing, listening.....

And I can read intermediate articles, little slowly.

Maybe TED is difficult for me, But Free videos and scripts(English and other languages) is great advantages for me.

I hope I can get a piece of advice about it.

Is Ted.com difficult for me? Are there anything free source, whice provides videos and scripts, to learn english?
Though TED is difficult for me, I think it is good when I listen and speak every day,

What do you think about?
The TED speakers and the contents of their talks are truly extraordinary. It is a fine site for learning in general. It's value as a teacher of English is only so great as your interest in the topics, however.

Also, vluej, please be patient and wait for your posts to appear instead of making duplicate posts. Thank you.
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HI.Emotion: smile Mr. Micawber.

Thank you for your kind advice, as you know,TED has a lot of various contests.

Hopefully, I will enjoy learning english with TED.com and other free internet sources.

Your answer is helpful to me because I wanted to be told advices from you.

And, I'm sorry to make duplicate posts. It's a mistakes, because I don't know about modefying posts or catergory.

Good bye sir~!
I think TED itself is a good source to learn English, definitely. Other than that, try watching TV series and english sitcoms (if it's free for you). Highly recommend "The Big Bang Theory" sitcoms. TED shouldn't be too difficult for you though and their content, not only meaningful, it will also helps you to improve your vocabulary and choice of words.
Have you ever tried http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en / ...There, you can find alot of podcast, exercisesm games for learing english. Have fun.
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