Zaza People live in Middle and Eastern of Turkey. Is is not certain but it is estimaed that 5-6 million Zaza people lives in Anatolia. They can not speak their own language, because Turkish Government have banned it since formation of the Country, 1923. Therefore , they revolted three times against the government to gain their rights.

First revolution was happened in Middle of Anatolia, city of Sivas(Qocgiri) in 1920-1921 . In this revolution thousands of Zaza and Alevis People (RedHeads) were killed by gangs of the government. Some rebellious could have escaped to Dersim where Zaza People were in safe then.

Second revolution was happened in 1925 and at the end of the revolution all leaders of the movement were executed by the government.

Actually the last one was not a revolution. It was actually a genocide . Some sources say in Dersim,where the last revolution of Zaza People were happened, approximately 40.000 people were killed and as many as people were have diarrhoead to western Anotolia. This genocide was happened in 1937-1938. At the end of the genocide leader of Dersim Country "Seyid Riza" was executed by the government.
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Madam /Sir:

I want to know more about the resistance of Zaza and Alevi People please do you have bibliography in English or in French (even German)

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ricardo gustavo espeja
Hi, You can get more informations about Zaza and Alevis People from this site , The site contains a lot of useful articles in Zazaki, Turkish, Deutsch, and some other languages.

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i dont know any Zaza...
How liar you are!! You can't say such things about turkish goverment.
Zaza and the other ethnic identities are under pressure all over the Turkey. They can't live their own native culture freedomly. Real liar is Turkish Government and its natural allies, fascist and racist Turkish peoples. For example Zaza and Alevi peoples can't learn their native languages and religion which must be their natural rights. Consequently, general goal of the Turkish government is asimilating the all different Cultures, Languages and Religions. This is not only connected with Zaza or Alevi Culture. All other etnhic identities, Zaza, Kurd, Laz exc. are under this pressure.
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i am a zaza and a kurd...i live in england and my family ages ago had to move over to england due to the turkish government not giving the kurdish and the zazaki people the freedom of speach and basically FREEDOM.....i think its appaling and i dislike the fascist turkish government alot.......

i do not care what people think of me after i write this because the turkish government have made my ansisters suffer alot so therefore i have the right to not like them...!!!!!
please my friend be honest! In Turkey kurdish people are free.They can speak,sing in kurdish.They have T.V. in their language.In Turkey official language is Turkish you know, to live together we must speak the same language.We don't see any different between kurd and turk ,so a kurd can even be a president of this government.You know Turgut Ozal was kurdish. Today some kurdish terrorist groups are damaging our country.They are burning everywhere,they are bombing our country.So soldiers and police are fighting with them to save our beautiful country..
The only thing that I know is that the Kurds have not a country of their own,so I think it is obvious that they want to talk their language,or live in a country called Kurdistan,and not Turkey or Iraq..they can't talk turkish just because they're another population!
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