strong, wide, broad, high, young, true, wise, free, poor, humble, short, good, proud, just, decent, prudent, vacant, brave, rain, cruel, dark, sweet, novel, save, bitter, deep, human, quick, ignorant
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Anonymous1. strength2. width3. breadth4. height5. youth6. truth7. wisdom8. freedom9. poverty10. humility11. shortness12. goodness13. pride14. justice15. decency16. prudence17. vacancy18. bravery19. vanity20. cruelty21. darkness22. sweetness23. novelty24. safety25. bitterness26. depth27. humanity28. quickness29. ignorance
Abstract nouns are the nouns which we can not touch or see these are those nouns which we can only think or feel
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Strength, width, breadth (the "d" is pronounced), height, youth, truth, wisdom, freedom, poverty, humility, shortness or brevity depending on whether you mean height/length or time, goodness, pride, justice, decency, prudence, vacancy, braveness (not brevity -- that means shortness), "rain" isn't an adjective but raininess is an abstract noun meaning the condition of having rain, cruelty, darkness, sweetness, uniqueness or newness, safety, bitterness, depth, humanity, quickness, ignorance. But I agree. It's best to look these up yourself. You can learn why they're so different.

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i think we need to give all the answers.

my name is simran kaur

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i think we need to give all the answers.

my name is simran kaur

I think we need to give all the answers.

My name is Simran Kaur.

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