Hi everyone, some said I have a heavy accent. I'd like to know what do you guys think of my accent. What country do you think i'm from? Here's some reading. I really need some criticism Emotion: smile


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Wow, I'm impressed, sunshine. I cannot imagine who thinks you have a heavy accent, unless they mean a heavy American accent. The only anomaly I noticed was the unusual strength of some of your unstressed 'e's. They should be /i/ not /i:/.
This is very good English. Someone might think you were an American. I notice a few miscues in pronunciation here and there, but even native Americans do this at times. As for where you're from, I would guess Europe, rather than Asia or Latin America. As for the country, I would guess Germany or Russia, because you pronounce the word "of" as "oof" at times, which is a characteristic of German or Russian pronunciation of English.
Welcome to EnglishForward, sunshine ken.
You have a mostly North American accent, though I would guess you are originally from somewhere else. There are a few places where your accent sounds a little non-native, but it's certainly not a heavy accent. There are a few words you mispronounced; enough to make one think that your English isn't quite as good as your accent would suggest, although to be fair there are a few words in that passage that many native speakers wouldn't immediately recognize, and one or two you got right that some native speakers might not know. It seems clear that you are not French, as you struggled with the French words and names in the passage. I could give a list of places I don't think you are from, but I'd be guessing if I gave an answer about your original country. Would you like to tell us?
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You have a heavy American accent. It's not clear from your pronunciation, where in the world you're from.
Now I understand what it means. Thanks everybody for your feedback.

I come originally from Fiji but I self-taught myself English since I was a kid and used to watch lots of Disney movies and cartoons like sponge bob and etc but the usage of the language/grammar isn't perfect yet and people often figure out but I'm working on it Emotion: smile

Much appreciated..


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