What are the advantages and disadvantages of ambition? Your replies are welcomed and appreciated.
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i am an ambitious person!
it inspires me on my study and work!
Me too Tracy!! I get upset when I don’t win! I’m laughing at myself though – I’m far too serious. But I’ve learned to be sincerely friendly in competition and I respect a ‘worthy adversary’. I’m sure that competition has brought the best out in my nature and it’s surely brought me a great deal of satisfaction too. Maybe ‘ambition’ is an adult word for ‘dreams’ that children have. Haven’t we all been asked, “what are you gonna be when you grow up?”
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1. Ambition distinguishes us one from another. It is dreams of grandeur and greatness.
2. Ambition implies works and discipline to achieve goals. personal and social, without which society cannot survive.
3. Ambition and futurity are inextricable. The daily aspects of ambition - working, saving, planning, have always been the distinguishing marks of a rising middle class who has been prepared by ambition.
4. Ambition counts for a great deal of success, personal and social.
5. Ambition is about controlling over our own destiny.

1. The outcome of ambition is unpredictable. Some ambitions begun in selflessness end in rancor; others begun in selfishness end in large-heartedness.
2. Ambition is somtimes uncontrollable. Some people cannot handle ambition; it may bring grief to others.
3. Ambition is antisocial and outmoded, belonging to an age when individualism was more valued and useful than it is today. The person strongly imbued with ambition ignores the collectivity; socially detached, he is on his own and out for his own. Individuality and ambition are firmly linked. The ambitious individual, far from identifying himself and his fortunes with the group, wishes to rise above it.
4. Ambition causes rivalrousness. The ambitious man or woman sees the world as a battle; rivalrousness is his or her pricipal emotion.
5. Ambition is jesuitical. To be the winners in a battle-like world, the ambitious people may clamber up by fair means or foul. Ambitious people may achieve their goals of money, fame, and power through corruption.

If we are ambitious and good-willed and public-spirited as well, ambition is of course acceptable.
I'm not sure I completely agree with what's been said so far about ambition. The word has always had a positive connotation to me. Its "negative" counterpart would be greed.
Also, I don't think that ambition always involves competition with others. Admittedly, you'll sometimes find yourself in situations in which competition cannot be avoided. But, speaking more generally, I think that ambition is individual and that it is not necessarily connected with competition, unless it is competition with yourself. By this I mean, for example, an attempt you make to become better than you are now, or to have something you don't have at the moment, which, in my opinion, involves, in a way, competition with yourself. I don't see ambition as the desire to be better or have more (success, money, or anything) than others, but as the desire, and the attempt/effort, to be improve yourself or to bring yourself to a better position either in life or in any specific aspect of life.
I am an ambitious woman, yet I don't see the world as a battlefield or other people as rivals. You waste too much precious time if you are all the time looking at what others are, do or have. That time would be better used if you spent it paying attention to yourself.
Also, I don't see anything wrong with individualism, and I don't believe it means wanting to rise above others. Selfishness and egocentrism are not necessarily found in individualism. Individualism may certainly make you a more useful and valuable individual within your community, as a sort of 'side effect' if you wish.

What I do agree with is that ambition implies work and discipline, and method, if you want that ambition to bring good results to your life.
I also think that ambition is more than just "acceptable". Ambition may take many forms, even when it is often seen as the desire to possess things or to be 'famous' in some way. Ambition, in my opinion, is a sine-qua-non in life. It makes you plan and set goals for yourself; it makes you think and analyse and try different ways of doing things. And, hopefully, you learn something on the way.

Just my opinion. Emotion: smile

A great prespective Miriam, and I agree with all what you said. In my opinion, Ambition is a good thing, and it is a grown up's dream. With out it, we do not have much, pretty like if we do not have dreams, we do not have much. All our goals are drived from our dreams, the difference between the two are the time lines and achievment dates.And you are absolutely right about greed. Ambition and greed get us the same things, i.e. wealth, fame, objects, etc..., but with greed, we try to keep all those thing onlys for ourselves. We also might have no consideration or feeling for others while trying to achieve what we want if we are greedy. We dont care if hurt others if we are greedy, but if we are ambition, we will. And that is a big difference.You have good opinion.Handsome Knight
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Ambition is good when it fuels human needs. I know I need to do well at work to sustain family expenses and some sort of security for the future. On the other hand ambition is bad when your love one is willing to breakup so they don't have to be responsible to their kids or significant other. I'm facing that delima right now. My girlfriend has 2 kids and I'm very close to the younger one, the older ones says his Mom puts work before him. She and I have a good relationship but she is thinking of breaking up to pursue loftier goals. So I think ambition is bad in this case, she is teaching her kids self satisfaction is more important than a stable family.
I agree totally with @Mariam. Ambition it not rivalry. There are many things to think about when you are ambitious other than rivalaries. Even if you start it with your team mates, you try to pull them down and yourself get the peak, later in your life, you will realize that if you would have got to this position on you own capabilities and ambition and goal, you might have reached higher and learn't better things in life.
So, just keep on doing your hard work, beacuse hard work always pays, whether today or tomorrow!! your day will come!
Hi Grace. Thanks for the great insight. It all make sense. Bless you.
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