I want to learn your opinions about Internet.

Wheter it is good for us or not?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of it?

It will change the world into a big village. Do you aggree with me?

In the future terrorism may be grow using internet tech.

May be the advantage of internet is that we can consider internet as a almighty teacher,we can inquire and learn everything from it.But it also has a lot of harmful information.it spreads violent ,sexuality,reaction and so on.i think that internet is just a tool,not our life.in a word,it's advantage is more than it's disadvantage.
Internet is a very big network which connect all over the world. One of the biggest advantages of internet is; it makes the information avalailavle for all over the world. You can reach this big ocean from everywhere. Because internet is not depended on places. You can reach the same information from your home or office, actually from everywhere that has an internet connection.

Also you can use it for your everyday routine tasks. For example, bank or financial operations can be easily made as online over the internet. So you don't have to wait for your primitive bank or financial operations. In addtion, you can easily order your dinner in only a few minutes. If you use internet efficiently, you can spend your time for more useful activities, instead of waiting on queues. Its time-free nature is the other biggest advantages of it. it is available for 365 days, 24 hours. If you have a web site it will be available from everywhere, at everytime. This will change our shopping habits sharply, even it has been changing already.

Not only internet has a very big useful information ocean, but also it has a very big disinformations, too. if you get an information via internet, you must check its reliablity. it may be all lie!. Beacuse most of time, informations sources are not clear. it is very hard to control this big network. it has been growing up, continously. In addition to this it has a lot of harmful contents such as casinos, sex exc. These contents may be harmful for people, especialy for children. So children's internet usage must be controlled by special programs, softwares or filters. Sometimes it may be waste of time to spend hours when surfing on it.

In the end, Internet has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Such as all other technologies it can be used for useful or harmful goals.For example, Atom bomb can be used for humanity and can be destroyed humanity too. Advantages of the internet can make the life more easy to live.

Best regards.
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nobody can deny the advantages of the Internet. it has changed the world deeply. but the more developed the Internet is, the more dangerous it is. we should pay more attention on finding methods to make the Internet safer.
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  1. the internet is one of the most importante phenomena that revolutionized the modern world.However,it has many drawbacks