Currently, working at home tends to increase highly in almost all countries. There, hence, is
an ongoing debate that working from home should be encouraged instead of working at the
workplace. From my perspective, it is better to work at home due to the numerous merits and
the essay will analyze the benefits of distance working in the following paragraphs.
On the one hand, the positive influence of home working on the environment is immensely
significant, especially the atmosphere. In other words, the air we breathe will improve
dramatically if distance working is vigorously promoted. For instance, working at home is
more likely to decrease the volume of traffic than working in the workplace, thus, it leads to
the emission of public transportation or our private cars will be less. Therefore, it is beneficial
to reduce air pollution by distance working
On the other hand, individuals are able to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic
when they work at home.In fact, since breathing is the fastest course interacting with
colleagues or customers but still protects us from the Covid-19 disease.

However, home working is not entirlely advantageous,there are a variety of negative aspects that should be taken into consideration.The main drawback of working at home is that worker is possible to lose concentrate totally on work when they work at home.In other words,they are more likely to easily to get distracted by things such as video games,movies,ect.Futhermore, individuals might experience feelings of loneliness sometimes. That emotion can bring them about be autistic and stressed.Accordingly,not only will worker entirely ignore their work when working at home but it also makes them feel isolated.

In conclusion, despite the fact that home-based work has a quantity of drawbacks. From my
point of view, the merits of working from home will far outweigh its demerits. Therefore,
working at home should be had a lot of encouragement, not least during the covid 19

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