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hay yaaaaaaaa love....love....love...
always make people suffer, but can't live without it
why woman always find this kind of situation, than she always confuse about it all around when deep down in her heart she already know the answer. Emotion: sad

well in my opinion (if i's you....Emotion: stick out tongue )
She's still young, can find some one that really really really her and don't have any kind of thing that can make her get in to deep deep deep wrong situation.
cause when she become his wife, guess she's not want her husband to be like that.
his condition in his family is 'NOT YOUR PROBLEM' and isn't a very good excuse to him to make 'love affair' just because of his wife too busy in work. Emotion: hmm

when you commit to some one you 'must' ready for all kind of situation in front of you and make the way trough together. BUT NOT WITH YOU as 'a run away choice' to just having fun.

i bet she was beautiful, smart, cheerfull and energy young girl that every young boy love to be their girl friend if she try to

molly's right, guess right, and she know that deep down inside that tey're right.
please be carefull with your decision in your life, girl.....,
don't regret it when it's to late.
cause time can't go back ward even you wish deep enough to

hope you choose the very very very best Emotion: smile
remember, it's 'YOUR LIFE NOT HIS'

[F] [F] [F] [F] [F] [F]
Wow, this post is so so lovely. You know that 'when you commit to some one you 'must' ready for all kind of situation in front of you and make the way trough together. BUT NOT WITH YOU as 'a run away choice' to just having fun.' really impressed me. But let me ask you, what if you commit to someone and then you face a lot of difficulties and after a long, long time you find out that you have never had any fun together, that they wanted you to be there just for the difficult moments. Well, that must be how his wife felt. Is is so difficult to combine both having fun and making it through together at difficult times? Wow, that would be a strong relationship, don't you think? Emotion: surprise
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well.... you right maj. Emotion: wink
it's very strong relationship.

cause when you commit, you must have offcourse love, respect, understading, willing to accept it's bad or good thing in her or him, and trust each other. (yada yada yada, sorry bambling)

yes you will find some hard situation (or lot) but you will try very hard to find the way to get through, if you both want to.
willing to try it's the very first thing that important in life
like you want to life or die. you the one who decide it, not other...(well except fate, you'll never know).


woooooooooow, it's twin Emotion: left hug [}]
The best thing is to know what one wants. Maybe you are right, maybe the girl should look for another man who is ready to commit himself in a serious relationship. Maybe the man should return to his wife, he has never left her, has he? Don't you think that would be better for the both of them, even if they have said they love each other? It wouldn't complicate anybody's lives. What do you think? Emotion: tongue tied
Gosh, maybe someone could answer this question: what is the best way to finish a relationship like that? What do you think it is the best way out for the three of them? I wouldn't say his wife needs to find out, we would save her unnecessary suffering. He is anyway going back to her after all. But what about the other two people?.At least one of them is likely to get a broken heart. What do you think they should do?
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The time is the best medicine.
How about have a long holiday? Not take the phone.
word right maj, time it's a very best medicine.
but do you now that can be a poison also, word.
i just think, it's best for them to just end their relationship.
not just about the wife, but for the future too. speacily for the girl.
cause pity for her, it's a very wide world. bet there're lot of boy out there.
you just need to look for it carefully and clear enough (for the girl)
may be now she's fall in love to him, and broken heart when break from him.
well that's life and love about, make people to learn more even for grandma (hehehe)
don't see like horse glasses (in my country said, cause it's make horse see in one way trough)
life it's very very long
Hey, I am sorry to say that this is totally incomprehensible, I am not saying that your English is bad. I am just saying that it fails my understanding. Do you know want to know what my intuitive view about life tells me? Well, I can't see why a 'platonic' relationship should hurt anyone if the two people involved in it agree with it being that way. They obviously enjoy each other's company so much otherwise they wouldn't be spending quality together. Why should a relationship that is not hurting anyone and that is helping people grow end? I don't see any point in it ending. On the other hand, it should be very clear to both of them that their relationship is going nowhere else, it just stops there, being 'platonic'. In this way, he can go on living his ordinary life with his wife and she can have fun with other men and they still have each other every weekend. I shouldn't think she might be interested in marrying anyone but she might enjoy some fun while he is busy with his wife. Doesn't that sound reasonable to you? I bet the girl can't love any other boys because she only loves this boy. But she understands his family obligations. What do you think? This solution might work, don't you think?
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The moment I read the original post I had no doubt in mind that the relationship between the young girl and the boss has to end. It does not look healthy at all. Infact I don't think the man would like to keep the relationship 'platonic' for very long. He will surely try to make physical advances.
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