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Gosh, that sounds strange, don't you think? Why on earth should he want to make physical advances right now? What about his family life, has he changed his mind about them? I bet the girl would be really pleased about it because after so much going out she might be really curious. I bet he says so because he wants to keep her, don't you think so? What if his wife finds out about it? Emotion: tongue tied
I am very blunt and I would love to give my advice. I have been around and I have seen it all. The man is married and though you did not say, I'm sure he has kids. This guy should be shot. Think about the children and his wife. Why do people do these kinds of things. To tell you the truth, your friend has got to be an idiot to even let that thought run through her mind. Only bad can come of this situation and any time is a good time to stop but it should never have started.
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Well, me too. I have seen this before and it's not as simple as that. I don't think that this guy should be shot at all as it takes two to build up a relationship, sometimes even three or four. Sorry about this comment, I hope nobody gets offended but I think that this has also got to be considered. Relationships are based on very strange deep roots and you cannot judge anybody that easily. Maybe your friend is not such an idiot after all and has feelings for this guy. I don't think running away is the solution, the only way they can overcome this situation is by living it and learning something from it, they might become real friends for the rest of their lives, once they get to know each other a little better. Isn't it that a good possibility? I believe in personal growth and if you stop it because you don't want to risk yourself being hurt you have started dying alive! and to be honest I wouldn't want that for your friend for anything in the world. Do you agree with me?
sorry with my bad-poor english, well still learn (but hard way, hiks....) Emotion: stick out tongue

Emotion: wink ok back to the topic of this post, hmmm.......hmmmmm......(sorry hehe)

your post about the man said may be right, maj (cause i have see one exactly like that not long ago, but the girl not become his or something like that. she refuse it ! ) and about being a friend after that, well...... yes it's became friend but sometime fell soo unpleasant when they talked each other.

and about being hurt, sometimes you don't believe about what a woman can do to reach the love by suffering themself. (hiiii scary Emotion: stick out tongue )

well it's back to her anyway, we only can sugest it. nothing else.....

well love......... Emotion: rolleyes
The girl refused it? (x) How could that happen??? Emotion: tongue tied There must have been some kind of misunderstanding. This is not our case, in the case we are talking about, in this case the girl surely would not refuse him, all the contrary. I hope it's the grammar but 'and about being hurt, sometimes you don't believe about what a woman can do to reach the love by suffering themself' sounds rather funny .What are you suggesting, I am afraid I don't get it. What do you mean by 'it's back to her'? You mean his wife and that is why the girl is suffering??? Emotion: crying I am afraid I got lost somewhere.
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okay, maybe I went too far by saying the man should be shot but thats waht I feel like doing when I hear this kind of thing. Please accept my appologies.

I know alot about this subject and the relationship never works. The only thing that happens is: The family is broken up, the wife is scared for life and the children if there are any and eventually the man will wish he had never done it.

The woman moves on to the next man or she is hooked on the man.

Either way, no one wins and if they didn't do it in the first place, none of this would ever have happened. Two words come to mind and they are COMMON SENSE.
Why the 'pigeon English'? I get the impression of someone trying on a disguise - camouflaging reality, maybe? There is so much written that is not quite 'badly written,' but then it goes off at a tangent!

On the other hand, I resist (almost always) the use of the words 'needs,' as in 'he needs' when only 'He' can decide what he himself actually needs.

People 'Do not Make Us Happy,' or if they do by supplying something which we might need (money to spend and thus be happy - protem). But, for how long can that sense of being happy last for! Not very.

( We find our happiness through the interactions with other(s), like being a key and finding the lock we were made for. )

People hide behind the language used, it's our camouflage ...as I suspect this individual is guilty of doing ...though, obviously, I could be wrong.
no maj, what i mean is the girl not the wife (cause the wife don't know about her and her husband, i guess hehehe Emotion: stick out tongue )
that's why the girl suffering because her feeling to him.
well up to her anyway.
and don't think too much about what i said (my friend), cause it's different case.
she refuse the marry man Emotion: stick out tongue
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my girl friend asked me tat what kind of a wife do i need? then what is the answer that i should give her....
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