in fact,one of my best female friend was obssessed by something happend in her company:she is very cute and only 21 years old,her manager----a 31-year-old man(a little handsome)began to fall in love with her and told her so,my friend was shocked,but she has good impression on that guy,gradually,they began to go out,that man declare him as a poet,and he said he want to have "Plato love"with her,and he also never invademy friends" body and even did not touch hands,they always go out on weekends,it makes my friend very happy,but she just feel guilty of doing so,because she feel sorry for the man" wife,who the man said he dont have feeling on her but want to keep the family relationship,she said his wife is so how can she deal with that? i wan to hear your advice,thank you
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That's the typical excuse any man would use to keep both women. How can she keep 'plato love' in this day and age? I should also think that invading somebody's mind is more dangerous than invading his/her body. That sounds like a rather complicated case I have never heard of but when talking about love nobody, absolutely nobody has a precise answer. Maybe someone else will have something else to post but out of curiosity knowing the masculine gender has he never tried that, not even in the mind? Emotion: tongue tied
thank you,but the man did not touch her,although they often go out on weekends.
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It is possible to be friends platonically with members of the opposite sex, but if they are simply friends and nothing else, they would have nothing to hide would they? I bet his wife doesn't know about his new 'friend'.

He needs to work on making his marriage and relationship with his wife more satisfying for both of them instead of having secret 'friendships' with women at work. The chances of this staying platonic are slim as it is not a genuine open-to-the-world friendship is it. If it were, she would also meet the wife and become friends with her.

Your friend is fooling herself. He has already declared himself 'in-love' with her so he has an affair in mind, he is just biding his time. What if she becomes enamoured of him in return, will she want to be some secret mistress? she is setting herself up for heart-break. Or if he leaves his wife for her, she will always have the fact that she has broken up a family on her concience. And how could she trust him not to do the same to her when he gets bored in a few years.

If he is so unhappy in his marriage he should have the moral courage to end it, thus also freeing his wife to find a more appreciative, faithful and loving partner, as well as freeing himself to offer a proper relationship to someone.

Your friend is just being used by him, maybe not maliciously, he may think his intentions are good, but the whole situation is just a mess she really does not need to get involved in. Tell her to get out before her emotions are too involved.

True innocent friendship does not hide and deceive others.
Interesting reading which gives food for thought! Family is a fundamental base upon which some people build their emotional background. Although this might sound quite healthy as your family is usually there to back you up when you face difficult times in life, there are some instances in which some of the individuals give up their personalities in the benefit of the cell considered to be the 'family'. I would say that in some of those cases some people are totally absorbed by this unit and when they realise that they are not themselves anymore they can't see an easy way out. I have seen this happening to quite some people and the result is the breaking up of the unit. I haven't got the slightest idea but this might be a reason why all this is happening to your friend. He might be engulfed by a feeling of emptiness and looks for himself somewhere else, somewhere where he can be himself. Although I think family is really important to us I would also say that you cannot make your family happy unless you are happy. My comments might be unfortunate but that is my reflection on them today. Hope it can help someone. If you really disagree with my opinion I would really like to hear your comments. Cheers.
in fact,the man has told my friend:"i really feel sorry for my good wife,she is really very responsible for the family."BTW,his wife is a strong woman,and always busily work.i know man dont appreciate this kind of strong woman,they tend to admire some younger ones,with womanhood.and yesterday,my friend prevent him from tolding his wife he has fallen in love with his secretary ten years younger than him.because she is afraid that the woman will talk to her and make her embarrassed,that woman looks very old,(although,28,look like 33)
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Sounds very sad to me when he goes blabbering to everyone in sight. You seem to be too familiar with his every detail. Are you sure you are talking about someone else? The person needs to have his act cleaned up.
in fact ,she told me so,and she is not worrying about herself,but i worry about her,there is so many "1 man,2women"story in the tv drama,and it can happen in life
I'm a very suspicius person and when I read your story Lawthinker, I felt sorry for your friend too.

If I'm correct, this guy is her manager yes? Isn't it possible that he takes advantage of the situation? What when he gets bored after a couple of years (Her best years) and he dumps her for another? He is her boss so why shouldn't he. Is it possible that he has done thinks like this before? Having an affair with his secretarry?

I have to agree with "Guest". Youre friend is is setting herself up for a major heart-break He has already declared himself 'in-love' with her. He's only waiting for a chance to make her take the next step. (into his bed) Is she realy willing to become his mistress? (u)

You also told us that he wanted to tell his wife about the affair and that she stopped him from doing it. What if she hadn't done that? Would he have told his wife? I don't think so. Emotion: sad
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