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May i know the 1st or the 2nd question is correct.

1)what age is she?
2)what age is her?

What age is she?

What is her age?

How old is she?
Personal pronouns following the verb "to be" should be in the nominative case (I, he, she, we, they).

1. What age is her? (wrong)
2. What age is she? (correct)

However, in common spoken English this rule is often broken:

A: Who's that at the door?
B: It's me!

Technically, the above is wrong. But few people would say "It is I".

Because the pronoun follows the verb, our tendency is to think of it as a verb object, and thus use the object form of the pronoun (me, him, her, us, them).

For example, the following are all technically wrong, but commonly heard:

The job was done by us. It was us who did most of the work.
It was her that I saw yesterday.
Did you see those people running down the street? That was them.
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