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your result : northeastern

your accent is basically what people speak with around the Tri-state area (New York city ,north Jersey ,Cinnecticut) and Rhode island.

If NewYork city is the gereatest city in the world it's not too much of a stretch to say you have the greatest accent in the world !!! Emotion: embarrassed
PuccaMy result was.. Northeastern Emotion: thinking
So was mine. I guess this one has more in common with a British pronunciation than other American accents.

Maybe with a little readjusting here and there we could pass for New Yorkers if need be (of course, we'd have to work on our l's, r's and t's for a start).
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i`ve the northern style................they told me it was standard in the 50`s and 60`s................hadn`t thought this Emotion: smile
What American accent do you really have?
Your Result: Northern
Your accent is Northern, which used to be the media standard in the '50s and '60s. Your accent could either be Inland Northern (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo) or the more broadcasting-friendly Upstate NY/Western New England accent. If you have the Inland North accent, outsiders probably ask you a lot if you're from Chicago or Wisconsin.
Result Breakdown:
88% Northern
81% Midland
79% Mid-Atlantic
67% Northeastern
67% Southern
54% North Central
46% Western
31% Northeast New England
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But what is funny is I can speak in standard American Speech which I learned at my days at SIU in Carbondale Illinois, as part of my Degree in Radio Television I minored in Theater but for the voice and diction classes where we all learned to lose our accents, to cure my Northern Illinois Accent, I would spend hours practicing to get ride of my lateralism by talking with a cork between my teeth.
they gave me the same answer... but im from new york.... right by lake erie.
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It says north central but I live in a tiny city in Florida called Brooksville; is this normal?
How you doin I'm gon go ge a steak
the South
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nailed it...philly
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