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I'm writing an essay relating to the evolution of human society, I mean the development of civilizations, but when I wanted to talk about the global pursuit of developing armament, I couldnot find a word has the opposite meaning of 'evolution'. What I mean is that if we spend money on armament, on wars, on killing people, that would be considered totally opposite to evolution.

Hope you could catch that, thanks in advance.
Perhaps decline, regression, degradation deterioration, decay, degeneration, backslide?

(Don't take my words for granted, I'm far away from native speaker)
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I think "regression" works well.
Thank you very much for your quick responses, with your answers, another question comes out:

Are the following sentences correct in grammar?

  • The WW II resulted in the global regressions of economy.
  • It was generally considered as a period of regression.
  • The subsequent phenomenon reflects the regression of living standard.

  • Thanks again!
The antonym of 'evolution' is 'devolution'
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  • I would change it to"[no 'the'] World War II resulted in global economic regression [depending on your meaning, "recession" might be a better word choice than "regression" here]."

  • "It was generally considered to be a period of regression."

  • "The subsequent phenomenon reflects the [whether or not you use "the" or "a" depends entirely upon context] regression of living standards."
Thank you all for helping me, I love EnglishForward.
World War II resulted in a global recession.
It was generally considered a period of decline.
The subsequent phenomenon reflects a decline in the standard of living.

PS. I think the opposite of "evolution" could be "stagnation".
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It's involution
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