As far as your point of view is concerned ,what is the best book you have ever read??

thank you very much for your opinions..
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well i think that would be
First Person Plural: My Life As a Multiple
by Cameran.West
Well..... I´m reading in the moment the book called Eragon of Christopher Paolini.... and It´s pretty good

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I've got lots of favourite books of different genres. Emotion: smile Such as...

"The lord of the rings" by JRR Tolkien,
"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins,
"Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë,
some documentaries about the WWII.
I liked Jane Eyre too but my vote goes for:

"Can you keep a secret?" - Sophie Kinsella You won't imagine how much I cried with it!
"The Notebook" - Nicholas Sparks

If This Is a Man (original title "Se questo è un uomo") by Primo Levi
The Name of the Rose (o.t. "Il nome della rosa") by Umberto Eco
Silk (o.t. "Seta") by Alessandro Baricco
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Of the books I have read that are available in English, Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun is surely one of the most exceptional. It is basically an anti-war book and tells about a soldier who was so sverely wounded in World War I that he lost his arms and legs and his face was so badly injured that he lost his ability to hear and speak. However, there was nothing wrong with his brain. He was taken to hospital and he lay there...
Perhaps I had better not say more in case someone wants to read the book. It was written by an American writer and published in 1938. If you read the book, I don't think you can ever forget it.
The best book I have read so far is defnitely The Souls of the Slaves by a Croatian writer Ivan Aralica.But there are many others that I like.
My favourite book is the Battle Royal written by Takami Kosun. It's very exciting and if you start read it you won't put it down. Emotion: smile
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