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Hi, my school has guaranteed program of TOEFL IBT 100 and TOEFL PBT 605. You can contact the administrator (phone number removed by moderator; please register and leave it in your profile)
I think she means that English Today have special "Speaking" or "Writing" only classes. Most institutions require you to study all four skills, however English Today have broken up the classes into four skills, so if you are weak in one particular area, you can focus on your weakness. This is just a guess as to her meaning from personal experience, although there maybe other institutions that also have a similar system.
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Define best?
Definitely do NOT try English Today....our company went with ten. Te teacher was always late, just gave us a book and we found out totally not qualified!!!!! We complanned and they didn't care! Again....do NOT go with English Today.
My name is Sally and I am the Customer Relations Manager at English Today, unfortunately your complaint about English Today has been posted under Anonymous, that means that we can't reply to you or find out if your complaint is geniune.

All of English Today's teachers are qualified and if you had complained the teacher would have been changed immediately. You can contact me on Linkedin my name is Sally Johnston and if you are a geniune past customer who has been disappointed. I will investigate and rectify the situation.

Complaints provided with names and details are always dealt with quickly and respectively.

Thank you. http://english-today-jakarta.com
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Sounds like a fake review from a rival

NIce resposne Sally and 100% a jealous rival, haven't tried English Today but I heard of them in both Surabaya and Jakarta and looks like a good name

For TOEFL prep I can recommend EEC at Central Park mall, Kaplan at Pondok Indah or Tanggerang, Sampoerna University or ILP at Pancoran, and others. Sampoerna uses the Princeton book, Kaplan has their own. iLP and EEC can use whichever system you like. All of them have trained teachers and you should always ask for a cooy of the teacher's certifications and CV. Reputable schools and teachers have no problem providing them.

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