I want to study TOEFL in Jakarta, which school is the best in this area?
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Try English Today, they have native speakers that come to your house and are very flexible
or Direct English in Jakarta's central business district www.directenglish.co.id/contact.php this is a group class but a little expensive
Thanks for the info! very convenient.
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I am also from Jakarta and am thinking of signing up for English Today's TOEFL speaking and TOEFL writing program, are there any others out interested in joining up for a private class?
English Today is the only company in Jakarta that will let students study speaking and writing toefl classes.
I doubt that it is the only company that will allow it
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My school, Aim for English, has recently launched a new suite of TOEFL iBT preparation courses.

Also, we've added a collection of totally freee articles and videos, written exclusively by the TOEFL iBT team at Aim. Just click here: free online TOEFL resources

I hope this helps!

what it means is that they focus on the active skills of Speaking and Writing.

Well there are many institutions are available in jakarta which are providing excellent education of Toeffel and you can search your best institution from the google search engine it will provide you the best you just type your keyword in Google search engine . thanks

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