I ask this because I have a class that I am going to have to be extremely proficient in it. I have looked online but I can't seem to find any that are high quality and free, Any help would be appreciated.

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A program is a great way to learn grammar. I think Duolingo is a good app/website to learn grammar.

dualingo, memrise, ejoy are good app to improve your level.

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dualingo, memrise, ejoy are good app to improve your level.

Dualingo, Memrise, and Ejoy are good apps to improve your writing skills. level.

There are numerous different programs to learn English. Duolingo and Grammarly. These apps will find grammar mistakes in your writings. It has basic and premium versions where it also improves the vocabulary of your writing. Recently, I have found another program like (Link removed by moderator. Please don't post links like that.). You can easily recompose and improve your essay with all the grammar rules and great vocabulary there. However, I suggest using various books and textbooks with some exercises to learn grammar. I think it's the best option for learners.

I used Lingua Leo. I like that in this application, you can choose the difficulty level and improve their skills with every new task.

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If by "mid-college" you mean "university" I can recommend these sites. If you are here asking, you must be very motivated. That's why I selected these particular links. If it seems beyond your grasp know, just keep the links for future reference.


  1. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/ This free ESL dictionary also has a grammar section/tab.

  2. http://www.englishprofile.org/english-grammar-profile/egp-online If you click on the level (A1-C2) you want and use Filter for SuperCategory and you can learn a lot and also check yourself, see examples, see what you don’t know, see what you need to work on.

  3. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/english_as_a_second_language/esl_students/index.html If by “college” you mean university and post-secondary, this is a good site.

  4. https://www.thoughtco.com/grammar-exercises-and-quizzes-4133038 Interesting things to read that will keep you motivated.

Here's an interesting site:


There are many services for studying grammar, but these often copy each other. Effective programs are really small. Grammar is a very important part of learning a language. Good grammar can save you from misunderstandings like that. Grammar involves a set of rules you use to form sentences in any language. Grammar rules tell you things like why you walk slowly (not “slow”), and when to say “they” or “them.” Without grammar, it would be very difficult for people to understand one another. For example, in order to write a term paper, you must have not only scientific knowledge but also the ability to correctly lay out your thoughts on paper (Link removed by Moderator. We don't allow links of this type). So learning English grammar is important, but it’s not always easy to start. Where can you get all the information you need, and how can you learn all of the rules (and the exceptions to these rules)?

1. Have a goal. Having a goal helps you create focus. Choose a specific goal for your grammar learning, such as feeling comfortable for a job interview, or fixing your spoken mistakes in the past tense.

2. Break that goal down into smaller goals. Now that you know what you want to achieve, you can figure out how to get there. Let’s say that you want to fix your past tense mistakes. First, you will need to figure out what those mistakes are. To do that, you can ask others to point out your mistakes when you speak, record yourself and listen carefully, work on the past tenses you’re less familiar with and more.

3. Focus on one topic at a time. Don’t try to learn everything at once. Instead, learn one rule at a time and practice, using and reviewing that rule until you know it so well that you could teach it to someone else.

4. Study a few minutes a day. You don’t need to study for hours to learn English. All it takes is five to 10 minutes a day, as long as you use them wisely.

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