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Catcher in the Rye - Salinger

Very good, cynic, funny
Good choice! I read Catcher when I was fifteen and it changed my life! Great book, great writer.
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Oh... I also can recommend Harry Pottert books. Now I’m reading the Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s really exciting, readable and besides that it gives a real experience of reading in English. It’s marvellous!

I’ve read Poe’s short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. But if there’s a book which is not funny, so it is. Despite that, it’s a really great book. It has a particular atmosphere, of corse, this atmosphere is gloomy, but I love this book. Strongly recommened.Emotion: smile
And another, maybe a bit kiddy but very well writen: Lemony Snicket's a serie of Unfortunate Events.
To Kill A Mockingbird is an awesome book. Very deep. Might not be suitable if you're just learning english, but what the heck, read it anyway, it's incredibly well written.
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hi vili

why not try shidney sheldon books.i love to read his books because he using simple english and easy to understand.

but it is not funny..but i like it because he using woman as a main character in his novel..
For Immediate Release

May 2005

The Silence Is Broken

New author Lisette R. Norton does a magnificent job at breaking her silence with the debut, Mother’s Milk: Truth, Lies & Family Ties (225pp, $15.95, ISBN: 1-4116-3050-5) a look into the life of a child growing up in the darkness of incest and abuse. Using her own life’s experience, Lisette details the events with her own mother that almost led her to committing suicide.

Excerpt: {After opening up to some of my family members about the past, I found that incest had been going on in my family for over fifty years and family members kept it secret. Some kept the secrets because of fear, some kept the secrets because of shame and others kept the secret because they just didn’t care.}

A trade paperback, Mother’s Milk: Truth, Lies & Family Ties is available through the author’s website: www.lulu.com/Mothers-Milk and www.lulu.com online book store.

Lisette R. Norton was once a victim who sat in silence as a motherless child in a world full of motherless children. After hiding away from life for 30 years, the silence is broken and all wounds are healed. The forgiving has started and there are no more lies to sever the family ties.
The Young Wizard series by Diane Duane, it's for the younger generations, but it's great when your just learning English. And i guess you could go with the Harry Potter books, i get bored with them after a while, but they're still good!
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Hi vili,

try the novels from Barbara Vine, I think they are wonderful and not so difficult to read for an english learner. I loved them all, especially 'A Dark-Adapted Eye'.
Hope I could help...
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