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You may take a look at George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984

Good Luck
Stephen King is my favorite author but it is very difficult to understand his non-translated books. Nowadays I'm reading "the shining" and have to look up dictionary for a lot of word. There are also some slang sentences (you gonna movin man ha? Emotion: stick out tongue) but they are not problem for me.

I want to read Ruth Rendell's books. She's a detective novel author and a lot of people in my country recommends it. What do you think? are her novels good and easy to understand?

Well, if it is necessary to recommend a book, i can advise you Metal StormEmotion: smile It hasn't been translated into other languages but it will be. It is about a war. The USA attacks Turkey in order to invade there and obtain the precious mines. It's very exciting, wait for itEmotion: smile
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Hello there,
can I ask you also as a person of Turkish Language why are you recommending people that doohickey? Let alone its not being in English, it is not even a good example of nonsense
in our language.
One of my favorite books is 'The Return of the Native', by Thomas Hardy. It has a good ending, and it is an enjoyable story. It has some funny parts (or at least to me), and doesn't become boring as some novels can. Hope I helped!

Well, i strongly recommend the Road to Chlifa, by Michele Marineau. It is a very nice book, it's easy to read. I read it and liked it very much, it speaks of a 17 year old boys's struggle through war.

And for when you get to a higher level, i recommend John Saul. He writes horror books, he's an excellent author, my favorite book was Black Creek Crossing. The thing is that he uses a rather difficult english, but you'll catch on to it quickly. Just try it, if you'd like Emotion: smile .

Hope i could help!
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Doesn't Michèle Marineau write in French? If that's the case, I wouldn't recommand reading translations to learn English. I know she's Canadian, and there are sites for her both in French & in English, so I really don't know...
The book that includes all the factors that were asked for is "Three men in a boat saying nothing about the dog" by Jerome Klapka Jerome(if I spelled his name correctly). It is easy, very-very funny & as a result very very enjoyable, moreover, it was written by native englishman:)
Well, she does write in French and this book was probably translated in English but i really don't understand why you think translations aren't good for learning english. I assure you it is an accurate and good, clean translation. I read this book because it was a compulsory reading in my English class, and i am sure the teacher thought we could learn English from it, otherwise we wouldn't have had to read it. Sorry, but i really don't get what could be wrong with translated books. There are many good books that were translated and still can be of use in the study of english. Come on, let's give some credit to the translators Emotion: smile
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I don't want to badmouth translators, but I think if you want the real thing, you won't go for translations. I usually read in English, and if I happen to read a French translation of an English book, I just feel/know it (that it wasn't French in the first place).
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