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Hi BeeSmile^_^ You're telling me!
I love it. I love every personalities ... George, Harris (the cook) and Jerome, plus Montmorency!
Just a very slight, tiny correction in the title:
   "Three men in a boat"
┈┈to say nothing of the dog !┈┈

Thank you for reminding me of this one.
hey thanks viognier! made mistake because I've reas the book only in russian[A] but I'm going to buy it in english because there is nothing better than read books in the original language. By the way if U read "Three men in a boat" you probably also read "Three men on the bicycles", didn't you? The same heros in even more humorous situationsEmotion: big smile
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Hi BeeSmile^_^ , nice handle!
"Three men on the bicycles"? I didn't know of it, I will find it, definitely! thanks, BeeSmile^_^
(PS. It may be "Three Men on the Bummel / on Wheels"? I've just googled.)

You don't need to buy the book in English, maybe. I found it online here:

And guess what, I've found this, too. (hurrah! ура!)
http://www.literaturecollection.com/a/jerome/three-men-bummel/1 /

(I cannot link to other site successfully; please copy and paste it)

By the way I love Russian language :)Especially I love to read Gogol', Bulgakov, and from contemporary writers (of which I know little) I like V. Erofeev. (I've read them in original, somehow or other!)
I'm looking forward to talking with you more in this forum :)Bye!

I knew that differences in the translation are huge but I always thought that bicycles are bicycles in any language:) Yeah! I meant "Three Men on the Bummel / on Wheels":)

Viognier, to be honest I prefer french & english literature rather than russian, but of course I have favorite authors too, I adore Dostoevsky, Tolstoy & Gorky!!! What about Gogil' & Bulgakov - Gogol' is good but I think of his as an ukrainian author rather than russian - because he was born there & in his books he was mostly describing ukrainian life - & that's what I like about him. Bulgakov is good - I've read "the Master & Margarita", "The heart of a dog" & "The fatefull eggs".... To say the truth, I dunno about contemporary russian authors that much either - I don't like their style of writing, that's why I don't read them that much

Hovewer, as I already said I like to read more of french: Dumas (EVERYTHING!!!), Hugo(now I'm reading Les Misérables- it's great!!!); & english authors: J.K.Jerome(you already know that;)),A.C.Doyle(not only Sherlock Holmes but ALL his novels; now I'm reading his "the Stark Munro letters"[see it on:http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/toc/modeng/public/DoyStar.html ] which are published in russian 1st time ever!!!), C.Dickens & others.

What are your favorite authors & books in particular?

Hi BeeSmile^_^  :)
I'll reply to your post -- I love it! -- later, because seems I have plenty of things to talk about. At present I don't have enough time, so I'll make a post later, I promise.

I lived in Ukraine before. I travelled near the village Dikan'ka! It was great. Have you seen the film "Vyj"?
(Of course you've seen it, I guess.)
It's so unique, isn't it !?
And "The Master & Margarita"! ...!

I'd better put an end for now, otherwise I will ramble on and on. Thanks a lot for your reference, I'll check it later, too.

See you later, BeeSmile^_^  ;-)
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Have you been to Ukraine? Wow that's great! That's one of my favorite countries! I haven't been to Dikan'ka though. My favorite city there is Lvov(have you been there?))

Of course I've seen "Vyj"^) It's funEmotion: big smile I think for the time when it was created (I guess 60's?) it was just awesome!!!

I haven't seen any film "M.&M.", is there one?Emotion: surprise
Hi BeeSmile^_^
I've been in Lvov. In "golden" automn.
I've heard that 90% of residents in Lvov are proud of their city. It's amazing isn't it... I'd like to tell you a little more (if you don't mind!) later, again, when I have enough time.

:)You've seen Vij :)(Sorry I made a mistake, it was Vij ) It's so frightning that you would be beginning to feel funny. Yes, 60's!

There's a very good film of M.&M. but it's a Polish film. When I was in Ukraine I saw one in translation. There's only a cassett-book, I think.
Talk to you soon, good day!
Hello Viognier!

Golden autumn is the best time in Lvov!!! I miss this city sooo much - hope I'll be able to go there this summer or autumn. I guess each citizen of Lvov is praud of it! cuz it's wonderful city.

Can U speak ukrainian that U watched movie there? Or U watched it in english?

Speaking about polish movies, I watched great one based on the book - it's "Quo Vadis" by H.Sienkiewicz(btw I watched it in Ukraine also:)). The movie is great - the book is gorgeous! Did U read it?

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Hi BeeSmile ! ^_^ !
Yes, it was sooo great. Travelling there I felt: I am spending now the best time in my life.
When I was there situations were more tough than now. One night, on the way to a theater, I passed through a dark park and found a lot of people in heavy overcoat having a pleasant chat with each other. In the dark! My friend said that people come together every night simply to chat.
On my way back I passed the same park. Then people were singing together...!  
I cannot forget this experience.
Lvov's picture book is in the most prestigious place in my room! You'll go there?! I cannot envy you more!

No, I cannot speak Ukrainian, to my regret. Can you?! Isn't that something?
It's hard for Russian people to master Ukrainian, I guess.

I haven't watched the movie "Quo Vadis," but read it, in translation. Yes, I would read it once more with pleasure. (I've watched "With Fire and Sword (Ogniem i Mieczem),"
though. It was great too.)

I have only one polish book: "Bramy Raju" by J. Andrzejewski. Have you read this one? This story is 80-page-long, but has only two periods. One sentence goes on over 80 pages.

Nice talking to you. Bye :)
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