I had been using Internet Explorer since the time I started using internet. But I stopped using it day before yesterday because it forced me to do that. It seems that Firefox is a good browser than Internet Explorer in every way. What browser do you prefer? Would you recommend anything else, like Google Toolbar, which can make internet surfing more enjoyable and user-friendly?
well, i usually use firefox while with a windows pc. otherwise (like at the moment) safari on mac. but i heard from many sources that safari won´t work properly on a windows pc, so i´m not sure if that makes sense for all microsoft users^^
I'm a firm supporter of Firefox. It's more reliable and trust-worthy than Explorer. Opera is also a decent browser. It has plenty of different kind of gadgets in it, for example, one can use it with a help of a microphone. That is, the user can command via microphone certain commands, such as open new window, close window etc. The browser can also read aloud English texts and e-mails, so one doesn't need to read them. Is this a good idea or not, it's for you to decide. Oh, and the English used is AE.
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I prefer Opera. It's quicker and easier to use. It's more convenient too. I used Firefox, but finally my choice was in favour of Opera.
i am using firefox..it is more useful and reliable than ie
Firefox for eveyday's use - much much faster, especially after the little optimization.
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I agree with Dew. Opera is the most convenient browser

I prefer Kyuubimon, oops, I mean Vulpix, no no, I mean Firefox...