Computers can help many workers. They can also help thieves. There was a thief who worked in a bank in the . He paid for everything he needed by writing a check. Then he told the computer not to take any money from his account for the checks he wrote. The bank’s computer did what he said. And it did not take any money from his bank account. One day the computer broke down. People had to do the computer’s work. They soon found out what was happening.

Another thief who worked for a bank saw people filling in deposit forms. Many of these people did not know their account numbers, so they wrote only their names on the forms. They left the place empty for their account numbers. The thief wrote his own account numbers in the place. When the computer read these forms it looked only at the account numbers. It did not look at the customers’ names. It paid the money on these deposit forms into the thief’s account.

Then there was a bank worker who told the bank computer to take ten cents off every customer’s account each month and put it into his own account. For a long time the bank’s customers did not notice that they were losing ten cents every months. But then someone did notice and told the bank. That was the end of that little game!

No one really knows much computer crime is costing the banks, but some people believe it is millions of dollars a year.
Very true Sir. It's both boon and bane to human being and nature. For me, it is boon else I don't know what would have I been doing and how would I have met so many wonderful people and a special person in my life. I love it!