Do u think american are friendly and generous.
i wait your comments

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I saw a book once that described american language and culture to british people. It described Americans as very outgoing, friendly, open, loud, talkative, and upfront. Living in New Jersey, I found that pretty shocking. Most people who live here are very stressed, reluctant to trust people, self centered, etc... I think that is just because NJ is the most densely populater state though. So many people living in such close proximity to everyone are going to want some privacy. It's very stressful, lots of road rage. But i think the rest of the US, the more rural parts especially, Americans are very kind and generous. The south is famous for "southern hospitality". But what can you expect from nj.. we produced the mafia.. u got a problem wit dat??

Americans are very religious, which means fairly moral. Morals make people kind and generous. You find a lot of that in the US.
Like everyone else there are the good and the bad in all places. To generalize is totally ridiculous. Have a good day.
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everyone is different, everyone in the whole world is different, act a sertain way, etc. And i dont believe one of the earlier post where they said something like: americans r religious making them kind and generous. that is false. Me(im american) id say im pretty nice, funny, kind but i dont go to church or nothing. sometimes it depends on ur upbringing if ur a nice person or not. Also that thing that u said u read that americans r nice, outgoing, loud, talkitive, etc, i think that is somewhat false too. because im sometimes soft spoken (sooooometimes) but i think its really interesting(and a lil funny) what ppl describe us americans. were just like everyone else, in ways, ya know?

Final word:stop judging people!
I loved ur post.
Stop judging people by country!! coz ppl are ppl good, bad and everything in between.. doesn't matter where u go...
greaaaaaaaattttttttttttttt. [Y] [Y] [Y]
people are people...... characterstic each other are different.
can't see from out cover.
see,meet, talk, get to know each other, than you decide
even when you shopping..... you see, touch it, feel it then buy
why not in people. Emotion: sad
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I haven't met many Americans so far. Mostly friends' friends. They were all nice, friendly, talkative, but when I asked my friend how long she knew them she said: I only saw them once or twice. The way they were behaving I assumed that they were really good friends and knew each other for a long time.
guess straberry mean is characterstic like
"usually people came from village are friendly, not like from town" or
asia people have black hair, europe have blonde and red ( [:^)] )
well guess i'll never know cause never meet one
for misunderstand and never meet one (hehehehe Emotion: stick out tongue )
the guest comment was actually mine, after i posted it i thought id register... lol o well.
and im glad everyone agrees with me
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