What colours and shapes are eyes? Could you give me examples of describing a person's eyes?
Are black eyes natural or bruised? How would you describe black-coloured eyes that many Asians have? Thank you very much.
Hi guest.

If someone has a black eye or a pair of black eyes it means that is it badly bruised.

If someone has black eyes it means their eyes are naturally very dark.

You can also have brown eyes, blue eyes, grey eyes, green eyes (very rare), violet eyes (very very rare) or hazel eyes (a sort of amber/greyish colour).

The only references I have heard to shape is 'almond eyes'.

If you want to know what eye color is like what, please visit the site given below.
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Asians heve slanted eyes.
I guess you can also come accross "round " eyes, and "beady" eyes...
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Beady eyes is quite an insult though! I tried to stay away from these sorts of phrases but of course there are plenty more - slitty eyes, pop-eyed, cross-eyed.
Ooops! I was aware it wasn't a compliment, but I thought it could nevertheless describe a reality... Sorry