My college professor said that task-based activities in learning the English language mainly deal with real-world situations apart from the speech laboratory. How true is it? Please enlighten me by citing concrete examples of these activities. Thank you very much.
That sounds like you aer asking us to you your assignment for you. Yes it is true, you can look for the examples.
Hello there,

there are loads of activities you may find in here:


Dave and Jane are the father and mother of task-based approach and you may find a lot of lesson planning and activities in there.

You give students a task to talk about their own expriences or lives and after that you clarify the language implicitely and then you go to the freer practice of the language. I myself don't like this approach as it is difficult to cover all of the languages we should cover in a course, but as a technique in the class, It is worth a try!

Wish you luck!