When I say to thank you to someone, I confused that how to say to correct with "send".

for example,

1.thanks for sending to me an e-mail.

2.thanks for sending me an e-mail.

which one is correct? and what else any other specific case ?

Carter LeeWhich one is correct?

Thanks for sending me an email.


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Thanks but when I googling, I came across some sentence which is related "send" as below,

1.Here's what was sent to me.

2.KEVIN COSTNER The script was sent to me.

3.Could I please have my packet and shirt sent to me? Thanks.

4.They're sent to me by people who aspire to have me play them on the show.

here's some example which was used "send to someone or something" not "send something".

I'm wondering about the reasons.

"thanks for" is always followed by a verb in the -ing form — a gerund.

All of your examples are in a pattern that requires the past participle (sent). In these sending is wrong. The verb form we use depends on the other words around it.


Thanks for letting me know that.

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Hi Mr Lee!

The correct sentences are:

1. thanks for sending an email to me.

2. thanks for sending me an email.

-Dr.Y. Madhuri Srinivas


The correct sentences are:

1. Thanks for sending an email to me.

2. Thanks for sending me an email.

No sentence is correct if it doesn't begin with a capital letter.

I'd just say Thank for the email. Or Thanks for the info if it is that kind of email Or just Thanks.


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