Some in my office say it is A hour because hour does not start with a vowel.. I have always said and written an hour. Please tell me which way is correct.
an hour is correct.
Hi cball007,

I found my notes which I jotted down in my ESL course.

The difference between a and an is one of pronunciation, and so we also use an in front of a silent h because judging only by sound, the word begins with the vowel that follows the h.

Examples: an hour, an honor, an herb

American speakers treat breathy-sounding h’s as consonants and so use a.

Examples: a historical book, a hoped-for outcome, a house

We also use a in front of vowels when their pronunciation sounds like you.

Examples: a European, a unit, a university

Hope this helps!
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an herb doesn't sound right tho'
Some people, including me, sound out the 'h'.
ie a herb.
That's because you are suppose to pronounce the "h" in herb.
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AnonymousThat's because you are supposed to pronounce the "h" in herb.
That's not true for most speakers of AmE,