I am writing a letter to a Dutch University. I don't have problems with the writing, but I don't know how to start off whith the names and addresses( left corner/right corner, date underneath yes/no?). The examples which I have seen on the internet are all different. This is what I have at the moment, can someone please tell me this is correct.

My Name/My address

University Name/adress


Dear Sir/Madam,


gekke Henkie [:^)]

Here's a basic layout.

My address top right corner. Then put date one line below, still on the right. Not your name here.

University Name/address Below the above, and on the right side

If you wish, you could now add here a line that says

Subject (or Reference): blah blah blah

Dear Sir/Madam,


gekke Henkie Sign with a pen, and type your name below that.
Why the "University Name /address" is put on the right side? Since this is the addressee, I think it should be on the left side? Am I right?

Thank you.

Kenneth Au
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Yes, it should be left. You're right.Emotion: smile

yup it should be on the left side. The stamp goes on the right.

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Yes this is correct, i am a buisness person myself, i would know.
the only thing i would suggest is that you make sure you put a form a from so and so or
with my greatest wishes, so and so.

Emotion: smile HOPE THIS HELPS!
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