I'm very confused after listening to audios from different websites!

1. Individual




2. Graduate




3. Situation




For me, I've always read the hard D and T sounds in these words instead of J and CH sounds. Have I aways been wrong?
You are not 'wrong' in what you heard, but you transcription system is faulty: the Roman alphabet is not accurate enough to represent the sounds, and all of your transcriptions seem very wrong for what you probably heard. You should learn to use the IPS symbol system, which will speed up your language acquisition.

'græd͡ʒʲu:ᵊt (noun)
'græd͡ʒʲu:'ɛit (verb)
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t and d in the coda of a stressed syllable, u and affrication (choo, joo) are tightly related.

Take a two syllable word that has a form: CV[t/d]u, CCV[t/d]u, V[t/d]u, etc where the stress falls on V.

In this pattern, t and d get weakened or go thru lenition or get affricated.

etu: 'pet-u-lant
edu: 'ed-u-'cate
itu: 'sit-u-a-tion
idu: 'in-di'vid-u-al

utu: 'mut-u-al
udu: none that I know of

In lento, you can delete the "wuh" syllable, you get "wuh" because of "ua" cluster. This is called sonorant gemination.

Let me explain with one word actual:

'æktʃə-al (affrication thanks to the structure explained above)
'æktʃəwəl (sonorant /w/ gemination)
'ækʃəwəl (deletion of /t/ in some dialects, lento tempo)
'æktʃəl (in the fast/casual speec/allegro tempo/lower register:synope of the sonorant, its called degemination)
'ækʃəl (deletion of /t/ in some dialects, masks vs mass)

you can apply the similar processes on these words: mutual, ritual, individual, sexual, intellectual, manual.

The point is this: your typical pronunciation books don't go this far. And speech you hear can be analyzed this way, with the help of intonemes and preintomenes.
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