Im just simply curious, do you have like a dream country to visit ?

I just noticed, here in our country (Philippines) everybody would like to go out of the country... Maybe because they cant find solution to poverty... Everyday, people goes to different embassies to try their luck to get visas. Most, would like to fulfill that american dream...or just go anywhere to earn big bucks...

Sad to say, they believe that they can have better lives than staying here. Well as for me, i'd like to travel first(if given the chance)...

First thing I wanna see Venice... Emotion: big smile
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I love to travel. God-willing, I will be visiting Hong Kong next year. But the country I want to visit most is Ireland. A friend told me that it's really clean and green there.
I want to visit Japan and America. I think Japanese are more open-minded and i like their fashion.Japanese and American pop singers are very popular in HK,so i want to go there to feel their music.

To Maeve27: Welcome to HK.Hong Kong Disneyland begins September 12,2005. You can visit it next year.
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I would like to travel around the whole world if i only had enough time and money for it...
I live in Germany.. centre of Europa.. It is great here!! but i want to live in the holly land-in Israel. It is the dream country for me. People are sooo friendly. u just cant imagine it!!! Climat, landscape...everything is just beautiful there...
Thanks for replying maeve, bella and marlen...glad to hear from you guys! hmmm, have an idea... Let's go to HK and visit disneyland and probably we can see each other there. It's like an eye ball. Let set a date... so we can save money first then have enough budget to at least visit HK and meet people who also post here... what do u think guys?

ATt least we can have the chance to meet each other even once...
that would be cool
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Great idea!
( I love Disneyland!)) Emotion: big smile
Guys, what do u think? are we gonna pursue this? im in... promise Emotion: big smile
I'd love to visit Japan, but I know that's not going to happen any time soon Emotion: sad
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