I this would be an interesting way to learn a bit more about each others cultures. What did you eat yesterday? (with some explanation so that those unfamiliar with certain foods will understand). Who did you eat with? Where were you?

I live in England and yesterday, a Saturday, I ate:

7.30am Breakfast: Two slices of toasted bread with butter. I just drank a glass of cola. Not very healthy I know...

1.30pm Lunch: 'Roast dinner' at my parents house, with my boyfriend along for the company. This comprised
Roast chicken : plain, baked in the oven.
Roast potatoes: small pieces baked with oil in the oven.
Peas and runner beans: fresh green vegetables, boiled.
Yorkshire pudding: a batter made with flour, raising agent, milk and water, which is put in a shallow container that already contains a little very very hot oil, then baked in a hot oven. It raises and gets very crispy.
Gravy: a thickened meat stock sauce.
We drank some white wine with our meal.

Then we had some mixed fresh fruit with ice-cream.This is a very typical weekend lunch in England; we love our 'roasts'.

4pm In the afternoon my brother arrived and we had tea and small sponge cakes with icing (called Fondant Fancies) bought ready-made.

For dinner in the evening my boyfriend and I were very lazy and stopped off at a Burger King and picked up hamburgers and fries and took them back to his house to eat. I followed this up with an apple.
i'm from shanghai,china. yesterday,in the morning, i just ate some buscuits and coffee. but generally, we have some traditional chinese food, such as rice, or dumplines.
and in the noon, we have some chickens, and rice , and some other vegetables. the chickens we had were cooked as a soup. and we don't have afternoon tea.
in the evening, we just have the similar food in the noon.
i don't know whether i had expressed correctly, sorry!
Good idea nona.

I went out for drinks yesterday evening with my boyfriend and another couple, and we ordered a platter of appetisers. We had a plate of black olives, capers, slices of tomato and peppered goats' cheese in olive oil, and Bigilla, which is a traditional Maltese dip, and is normally served with garlic bread or crackers. Very Mediterranean!

I'd really love to try Yorkshire Pudding, it looks delicious! I recently made Scotch Eggs for my boyfriend. He's English but lives in Malta now, and he misses them very much. I didn't try them myself though, they seem a little strange to me!
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i live in america, and we eat a lot of junk food. this morning i had pancakes, this afternoon i had candy and didnt have dinner, although there are a lot of healthy eaters here, i am not one of them. we don't drink tea at all, as an alternative we drink coffee.
Hi~ I'm from Hong Kong. Just like its culture, a mix of the East and the West, our food also has a wide variety too. Normal meals at home for a typical family are still the typical Southern Chinese type of food, with rice and dishes of meat and vegetable, not as big dishes as in the North and not as spicy as food in some other parts of China, sometimes we have steamed fish, and for most of the time we have soup - our soup needs to be cooked for many hours, so e.g. if we want to serve at dinner we would start "boiling" it after lunch, by this way we think that we can extract all the good nutrients from the content of the soup, and this is actually one part of our culture too, wives or mothers loves boiling these soup for their husbands and children, and so the soup really not only contains the good nutrients, but the "warmth of love" from mothers or wives.

But if you are an independent person who do not live at home like me, there are really all sorts of food that you can eat outside. And so yesterday... I had egg, fried chicken and mesh potato and a cup of coffee for breakfast (sometimes I eat congee with chau men though, congee is boiled rice in water and chau men is fried noodles); for lunch i had sphagetti; for dinner it was a special occasion last night and i and my family went to a Peking restaurant, we had... shark soup, Peking duck, sweet and soul fried prawn and some strange vegetables that I only saw it for the first time... anyway a delicious meal~

BTW, I love SCOTCH EGGS too! I used to live in England and I also love the pies! Dunno why I never find it here.
Why did so few people reply? It's a very interesting qestion Emotion: smile

I'd love to try a real british breakfast one day, I like it very much. I ate one on holidays in Spain but it was very bad quality, cheap meal for tourists.

I'm German and as such, I'm no spectacular eater. I only have only one regular meal per day. I eat bread rolls with spread, cheese and vegetables, potatoes with quark, spaghetti with tomato sauce and vegetables, and sometimes frozen meals. Frozen meals are popular here, we have very good and healthy frozen meals in the supermarkets, like pasta and rice meals. When I'm really lazy, I eat canned foods like thai soup (we even have canned elk soup from sweden, can you imagine?) I also enjoy coffee, I especially love the sweet, cold, ready made coffee drinks from supermarket. I'm not into junk food and greasy food, but I make an exception for ice cream Emotion: smile

What I love about food in my country is that it's very inexpensive. I somewhere read that Germans spend the world's (or one of the world's) smallest percentage of their money on food. Even poor people can afford good healthy food here. I also love our supermarkets, they have absolutely everything you can imagine, it's a paradise compared to other countries where I go on holiday.
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