Hello, everyone, I am trying to translate someone's Japanese CV into English CV.

Please explain the usage of "the" in the following case.

<Group Exhibition>
1980 the 14th Figurative Paintings Contest, Fukui gallery, Fukui pref.
1980 The 14th Figurative....

On someone else's CV, he was using "the". But I thought it should be "The".
Which is correct? If both are grammatically correct, what are the differences?
Please explain for me. It would be appreciated!
thank you.

Since this is not a sentence but just a credit line, there is no definitive answer unless The is a part of the official name of the contest. I myself, with no further information, would omit the:

1980 - 14th Figurative Paintings Contest, Fukui Gallery, Fukui Prefecture.

Dear Mister Micawber,

Thank you for the reply. The usage of 'the' is always a problem for me.
The contest does not have an official English name, so I thinik I will omit 'the' as you suggested.

Thanks again,