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Dear Anonymous who wrote this last message....you've been really clear in your explaination and u've perfectly said what I wanted to. You've been also so gentle to defend my person but I also hope that u'll register here as your way of explain is very clear. Please, come back and let us know something more about you! Emotion: smile
AnonymousOk. the difference between mexico and spain are:

- Spain is in Europe (where france, italy, UK, etc are)
- Mexico is in North America along with the USA and Canada
- Mexicans speak differently than the Spanish
- Spain ha sit's own culture
- Mexico has it's own culture

There are tons more differences, but these are the main ones. I am from Spain, and I've got to say, that I don't like it when people just group latin america with Spain. The only thing we have thats similar is our Language. If you go to Spain you'll notice that it looks nothing like the Latin American slums or "Barrios". It would be like saying that the USA is exactly like England.

So please don't include spain with other latin american nations, because we have nothing in common with them except for the language and the fact that we know how to Fiesta

Very interesting differences, Anon. Thanks.
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I am also Spaniard, and I resent the remark of the "white" Spaniard elite controlling the "poor" mestizos and Indians. We have no control over you anymore. You cannot blame your problems on us just becuase we have more money and still live in the beautiful motherland country. My ancestors just happened to govern a "virreinato" or viceroyalty as viceroys and they did not murder and kill all of the mestizos, so we Spaniards are not that bad. By the way, the pronunciations are very correct, as here in Spain, we use vosotros, and pronounce c's and z's with the English sounding th and s's normally. Mexicans and Latin Americans slaughter our pronunciation by omitting the th sounds and the use of vosotros. Our Spanish is pure and is the only correct way to speak the language. Other dialects may vary within Spain, but they still use the basic principle of pronunciation. The Indians of North America distorted the true Spanish language, but we no longer control you, so you cannot blame your problems on us.
There is no such thing as a pure language. The Mexicans and others have not slaughtered Spanish. It has just developed differently there. "Seseo" and "ceceo" are widespread in Andalucía - are they slaughtering the language too? Even in Spain, Castillian as spoken in Valladolid is only spoken by a minority of Spanish. In fact most "standard" languages are spoken by minorities. As they say in Provence: "Le Français est le patois du roi".
There is much more in common than you think. I was born in the U.S., but my parents are Latin American and my husband is Spanish. I've been to a few countries in Latin America and to Spain.

Having said this, they are different, no doubt, BUT you can't say that they have nothing in common either! Each country, even within Latin America, has gradually changed and has its own unique history, but the culture is still similar enough to that of Spain and each other.

The language, religion, and points of view tend to be similar, which are the elements that form the base of a society and culture. You must not also ignore that most Latin Americans (I didn't say all) are of a Spanish background. By the way, if you visited Latin America, you'd probably be surprised to see that many places are not that different from Spain, sometimes even better.

Remember Latin Americans and the Spanish are BOTH considered Hispanic.
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Anonymous Remember Latin Americans and the Spanish are BOTH considered Hispanic.
Quite apart from the fact that it ignores Portuguese speaking Brazil and the millions of speakers of non-Indo-European languages, that's not saying much more than that they both speak Spanish. You fall into the classic error of equating language and culture and language and nationality.

See here for a discussion of the use of the word Hispanic: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=hispanic
A language is not slaughtered if it adopts foreign words rather it becomes rich .For example you can take English.It has adopted innumerable foreign words.And as far as the wealth of Spain is concerned one cann't ignore the fact that they became rich with the wealth of Latinamerica, as much as I have read from the books of the discovery of Latin America. How Fransisco Pizarro and Hernan Cortes captured Mexico and Peru, how they captured the Aztec king Atahualpa and Inca king Montezuma taking the opertunity of their innocence and beliefs are not the stories of valour .So many conquerers followed Pizarro and Cortes and brought huge gold ,silver and valuable things.Some of them settled there and created Spanish colonies. Any country or all the people of any country can't be bad .There are always good human beings in all the countries .Otherwise the world will become uninhabitable.We are here only to share our knowledge and it is an unending process.
Thank you all.Emotion: smile
I am neither a European nor a Latin AmericanEmotion: wink I am an AsianEmotion: big smilebut I like to think that the whole world is my motherland and all of you are my kith and kin
this has got to be the most ofensive comment, I WAS BORNM IN THE DR OF SPANIARD FAMILY....we have many things common by the way...just to wake you up to the 21st century. Second of all we dont have SLUMS everywere...(sorry, have to delete part not in English - mod).
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I am not sure what the last person was trying to say, but if they are trying to say that there are no slums in Spain, I can say that there are. You can find slums anywhere in the world (including USA and Europe). Just basic knowledge of economics tells you that there will always be a difference of classes, regardless of the country.

I think it is sicking to see such arrogance,especially when there is no reason for it. Culture is something to be valued, but not to the extent where you have to put down others for it, that in of itself shows low class. You talk to Northern Europeans and they look down on the Spanish....so when is all of this going to end?? We have to all start loving each other and stop being so dumb and ignorant.
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