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Latin America shares a lot more cultural heritage with Spain than only language. The USA shares more cultural heritage with English than only language.

Also, I visited Brasil, Costa Rica, and Panama and discovered that Latin America is not only slums.
AnonymousThe USA shares more cultural heritage with English than only language.
I do not think that that is the case. The vast majority of immigrants to North America are from outside the British Isles. The descendants of non-English speaking immigrants may have adopted the English language, but they have not adopted British culture or attitudes.

So powerful is the pull of language that Americans and British do not think of each other as foreigners - which often leads to misunderstandings. Emotion: smile
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How can you say that we are that different while there are 15 million mexicans of pure spanish descendence? They eat food similar to that eaten in Spain and have many similar traditions. They are the minoritie but they have more similarities with Spaniards than with other Mexicans, I have seen it first hand. In some places in Mexico they speak very similar to the spanish spoken in the Basque country. Mexico also has the largest community of Spain born Spaniards after Spain.
And Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras?
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It was very funny that the Spaniard said that Latin America has slums and barrios, and they don't. You just have to look at the "Callejeros" documentaries on youtube to notice that there are large areas of Spanish cities which resemble those slums, and sometimes appear worse.

Anyway, the majority of Latin Americans also dislike when their country and culture are associated to Spain's, and that they're much alike. The fact is the majority of Spaniards are ethnically Moorish, whereas us Latin Americans are mostly indigenous Americans. They don't embrace their ancestry, whereas we do.
You sir are idiot it is not a 3rd world country it is a developing middle class Mexico has more companies than spain that are the best in the world, the reason people look at us as poor is because lack of money distribution.

There are tons more differences, but these are the main ones. I am from Spain, and I've got to say, that I don't like it when people just group latin america with Spain. The only thing we have thats similar is our Language. If you go to Spain you'll notice that it looks nothing like the Latin American slums or "Barrios". It would be like saying that the USA is exactly like England.
I agree, There are so many differences between Spain, Mexico and all the other wonderful countries. What really bothers me is the way people think just because one is hispanic or Latino, they are automatically Mexican. People can be very ignorant when it comes to the varieties of culture.

However, I don't mean to be rude, but what you said in this quote is very arrogant and shameful to Spaniards. First of all, I want to say Honduras, Yes, all though it is most definitely one of the most poorest countries in the whole world, has the most beauty in it. Go to the ruins of Copan and see the Mayan architecture measuring over 29 acres of land.. If you go to the sea-side of Honduras you can see the "Garifonas" take pride in their mixed-blood by watching them in costume celebrate the day by the turquoise blue Caribbean sea which happens to be one of THE MOST beautiful Coral reefs in the whole world.
Think that's it? Turn your head east and see the lush emerald tree mountains kiss the clouds and rejoice in the winds dance. Go in a little further into to mountain and be amazed by crystal clear waterfalls that fall gracefully upon the rocks of the river pool. Go up even higher if you dare and see wonders that you would only think exists in your dreams. Look up and mistake the sky for the blue and transparent butterflies.

Anyways, Enough of the "Central American slum" Lets talk about "Southern American slums", shall we? Take a plane to Peru and see the great Spanish architecture built in the magnificent Catholic churches that are scattered everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE). Not just little chapels, but HUGE churches with great detail in every square inch of it. Tired of the weather? Go to the mountains and volcanos of Arequipa for snow and ice. Tired of cold? Want heat? Go to the desert of Ica or imatta and see the vicunas and llamas roam freely in the golden sun. Need breeze? Go to Mollendo and see the beautiful ocean surrounded by hidden fossils and scattering animals. Still think its junky? Go to Macchu Picchu and see what wonders lie in the human brains of the ancient Incan tribe; Of which took them more than 4 years per stone to shape so perfectly and so precise, that not even a blade can fit through its cracks. Now compare it to the stone wall that the Spanish made next to it. No offense, but to be honest It just looks like one hot mess of conglomerate pasted with cement. Although the Spanish structured wall was to me still very beautiful, compared to the Incas, it was pretty shameful. Lets See if you can shape ONE stone exactly like theirs. Still think its ugly? Go to the Amazon and see Gods wonders. You will never see anything like the birds on the high canopies giving their praises to God or see the animals express their true colors as vividly as the rainbow. Spain will never have Honduras' turquoise blue coral reefs or Peru's lush green rainforests.

Did I mention that I too am Italian-Spanish mixed? I am speaking from both my Spanish-Italian and American blood. Do you remember when our people came to Peru and massacred the innocent Indigenous people and forced them to labor until death? What about the time when they savaged them like animals just for gold? What about the time they raped women for their own pleasure and left them abandoned? Or about the time when they forced them to destroy their perfectly built stone temples that took ages to build?
I don't think you have ever educated yourself on these things, since you think living in Spain is so much better than the poor people who live in these poor "slum barrios". Before you go criticizing, take my advice, Don't be ignorant and see for yourself the hearts of these poor countries that are poor with money and yet rich with culture. Go to the poor and see yourself in them, put yourself in their position see what living without a roof and shoes is like everyday. So go on and walk on the concrete-barefoot under the melting sun and boiling streets, and rest under a hot tin roof when you're finally tired of the walk. You won't even last a day. Then ask yourself, "What if this really were me?".
Go ahead, I dare you.

Next time you take a walk during school or work with your awesome new shoes, or take a nice nap on your warm bed at night with your soft pj's, or eat that nice piece of food that you are holding by your mouth, think about the poor that have never worn shoes before or had the chance to eat a full piece of bread. Yes no matter how many Pros there will be in a place, there will always be Cons. Don't say Spain is perfect either, because there are some filthy places there too that are seen as "slum barrios" by others Just as the poor see their "slum barrios" as their home. Being poor is no excuse for being dirty. Even if you lived in cardboard box anyone can be poor and still keep it clean. Don't deny being Latino, because it is in your blood no matter what you wish for. That goes for the all Spanish and Latin american countries. If you knew your facts, you would also know that Italians and French are Latinos as well, even though they do not consider themselves to be. Shocker isn't it?

If you are so proud by thinking that being Spanish is any better than any of the other Latinos, then shame on you for making others believe that Spaniards are like this. When I read what you And the other Spanish people on here posted, I felt so ashamed to think that I too am categorized as one.You all should be much more kinder and loving being that the majority of you are Christ followers. Please think before you speak next time, see for yourself if you do not believe and grow a heart for these poor countries. I believe they would rather be dirt poor than be as stuck up as some. So next time you criticize and judge the other countries on their flaws, look behind you and see the corroded web you live in. It's no better than the others.
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Another difference is that Latin Americans aren't that gilipollas. You should read a little bit more.
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