Is this scene suitable for the phrase?
if my girlfriend and I just finished supper in a restaurant
BF:it is a lovely place,I hope we can be here again
I : there you go. (mean "I agree with you")
My understanding is correct?Some one told me that he never heard such a reply,is that true?
Willing to have your annotation?Thanks in advance
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-- It's a lovely place. I hope we can come here again.
-- Me, too.

I don't sense that either "Here you go" or "There you go" have any place in this exchange.

Leaving the restaurant:

-- Honey, I'm too tired to drive. And I think I drank too much. Can you drive?
-- Sure. Give me the keys.
-- (handing her the keys, saying, helpfully) Here you go.

In the car:

-- I'm not used to driving your car. Where's the switch to turn on the headlights? (She looks around. Finds the switch. She turns on the lights just as you are about to show her where the switch is.)
-- (Praising tone of voice) There you go.


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Is this scene suitable for the phrase?

JTT: I see a possibility for it with the intent for 'there you go' as something like, "Isn't that just the way things happen when two people think alike".

If my girlfriend and I just finished supper in a restaurant.

GF: It is a lovely place. I hope we can [be] come here again.

Tony: There you go. Those were my exact thoughts. Were we made for each other or what?

(meanING "I agree with you"; "Isn't that just the way things happen when two people think alike")
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it could also indicate an element of "I told you so" (in the gentlest possible way). perhaps she had been trying to pursuade him to go to this place for sometime, and has just succeeded.

"This is a lovely place"

"I knew you would like it" "I told you you would like it"
That is soooo true, Abbie. I think that we ENLs sometimes forget just how many potential meanings there are for any given phrase, depending on, need I say it, the context. But there is also the element of "insiderness", ie. those who are party to special meanings or the greater context.
Indeedy, JTT. Got to have some secrets! Emotion: zip it
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She: How was your chicken paprika?
He: Oh...so-so.
She: My aubergine masala was wonderful.
He: Uh huh...
She: I love these little flowers...don't you? like miniature chrysanthemums.
He: Mmm...
She: It's a lovely restaurant, isn't it? We must come here again.
He: There you go...
{Attractive waitress at last finishes clearing the table stage left, and exits to the kitchen.}
He: {coughs} Yes, absolutely!
yum ti tum ti tum ti tum
Thanks all of you.You all have been a great help to me.But Aibbe,What do you mean by saying "yum ti tum ti tum ti tum "?Does that mean the dishes which waitress just collected crashed?
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