What is the difference between "abstract noun" and "adjective" and which should be used when.
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An abstract noun is a noun that describes something you cannot touch (not a thing, not a person), for example: love, anger, education, relationship... It's a noun, meaning it can take an article and an adjective.

An adjective qualifies a noun, for example: good, bad, blue, healthy, warm, cold... You can speak of a "warm relationship, a good education, ...", and also of "a warm blanket, a good person, ..."
happy can be said as adjective and abstract noun too, so what's the difference between the two?
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Happy is only an adjective; it is not an abstract noun. The abstract noun is happiness.
Is constitutionalism an abstract noun?

Thanks for the help.
Many nouns that end is -ism are abstract.

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good is adjective but why person is added to good

If you say 'It is good', we need to know what you are talking about.

eg a good man

eg a good dinner

eg a good book

The noun tells us what you are describing.

can u please give me certain examples in sentences
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