"We advice having credited your account with $1000...." says an e-mail from the bank. (good news ineed !).
But, is it wrong if they 'advise' ?

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"Thank you for the advice Grammar Geek. Please advise if this is correct."

Is my sentence correct using advice and advise? Thank you in advance.
Hello, heiro-- and welcome to English Forums.
Yes, your use of advise and advice is correct.
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Mister MicawberHello, heiro-- and welcome to English Forums.Yes, your use of advise and advice is correct.
Thanks for welcoming me..
which is correct,

please advice on this issue or please advise on this issue.
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This is a commonly asked question.. Answer is

Advice: guidance/information/suggestion
Advise: give advice/inform/guide

Advice is the noun form and advise is verb.

We can use this in sentences like:

Please advise (guide) me for further procedures.

I expect your advice (guidance) in this particular situation.
Advice only appears in singular form. In a plural sense, you may say "pieces of advice".
The plural 'advices' has an extremely limited use in commerce:

an official notification, especially one pertaining to abusiness agreement: an overdue advice.
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Then what should I do? Can you give me a advice??I is this Correct advice?
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