"We advice having credited your account with $1000...." says an e-mail from the bank. (good news ineed !).
But, is it wrong if they 'advise' ?

Anonymousplease advice on this issue or please advise on this issue.
Use the verb.
(imperative) Please advise!

"Advice" is a noun. Please give me your advice.
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They should have advised you.

Advise is the verb.

Advice is the noun.
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Thaks Brit.

But, will you please show me few good examples ?

I went to the advisors office and asked for some advice on applying for college. She advised me for over an hour.

I advise you to learn the difference between the two words so that in future you can offer other learners some advice.

I got some good advice the other day. I was advised not to stand in the middle of the motorway and wave at the cars.
OK. Thanks for your advise.

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No Dileep.k, you've still not quite got it.

You should be thanking me for the advice.

Think of it this way. Advise is when someone is actually doing it - advice is the information itself. They are pronounced differently too if that help you distinguish between them. Advice ends with the 's' sound, and advise ends with a 'z' sound.
DileepkOK. Thanks for your advise.

Lol... You should say: thank you for your advice/your pieces of advice...

Ho! Emotion: big smile.. sorry, thanks for your advice, nona the brit , YoHf.

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You're welcome!

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