What is the difference between bitter and sour tastes?
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You can get more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitter_(taste)#Bitterness . It's a bit technical though.

Sour tastes - think of 'sharp' fruit such as lemons and limes, or unripe fruit before it becomes sweet.

Bitter - hard to explain as I don't go out of my way to eat anything bitter. It's a strong unpleasant taste that sort of'dries out' your mouth. Not quite the same as sour (which tends to make you dribble. Or is that just me?) Beer is bitter.
Black coffee tastes bitter.
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I believe you cannot tell the difference just like that. Grapes taste sour while black coffee tastes bitter as told by Yoong.
babylon dictionary defines sour as;

one of the four primary tastes (along with bitter, salty and sweet); something with a sour flavor; alcoholic beverage made with lemon or lime juice mixed with sugar and whiskey or gin.
The sour category (I think of 'tart') should include anything that has started to "turn" or "ferment", such as milk.
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Beer is fermented, and bitter.
Sour is Acid: lemon

Bitter is base: unsweetened chocolate


Lol sour which contains citric acid (khatta) whereas bitter (karwa)
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