what is the difference between "did" and "does"

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Anonymouswhat does bill do is it right sentence
Yes. It needs some punctuation: What does Bill do? (Caps too!)

It works for both historical present and habitual behavior.

Last night, Bill and Jack get in this fight. Jack pours a drink over Bill's head. (reply) What does Bill do?

I saw our old frends Bill and Jack yesterday. Jack is working for a trucking company. (reply) What does Bill do?
"did" is for the past
"does" is for the present (3rd person)
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For example:

1. Bill did want to go out. (He wanted to go out in the past)

2. Bill does want to go out. (He wants to go out in the present)
Did is used in the Simple Past Tense.

E.g. (1) I went to school. (Simple Past)

= I did go to school.

(2) Raju came late. (Simple Past)

= Raju did come late.

(3) We played football. (Simpe Past)

= We did play football.

Does and Do is used for Simple Present Tense.

(Does for single person, Do for more than one person except subject `I')

(1) I go to school. (Simple Present)

= I do go to school.

(2) Raju come late. (Simple Present)

= Raju does come late.

(3) I come late. (Simple Present)

= I do come late.

(4) We play football. (Simple Present)

= We do play football.
what does bill do is it right sentence
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