i know rules of each tense.i just wants to know what each sentence is trying to say so that i can analysis difference between these following sentences in terms of tenses because its the tenses which form the foundation step to learn English.rest of the things i know and can do myself like noun,pronoun, modal,conjunction,clauses,preposition,verb,adverb,adjective ,interjection,punctuation,parts of sentence,direct and indirect speech and active/passive voice.as i have been studying English since kindergarten.India has Hindi and English as official language.please answer this question in detail .
it will be much better if "HANUMAN_2000" member of the forum answer this question
i will be very thankful to this forum.

Present Real Conditional

1) If I have time, I study English.

Present Unreal Conditional

2) If I had time, I would study English

Past Real Conditional

3) If I had time, I studied English

Past Unreal Conditional

4) If I had had time, I would have studied English

Future Real Conditional

5) If I have time, I will study English.

Future Unreal Conditional

6) If I had time, I would study English.

based upon models:

7) i might study English/i may study English

8) i would study English

9) i will study English

10) i can study English

11) i could study English

12) i must study English/i should study english

based upon simple present,simple past and future tense:

13) i study English

14) i studied English

15) i will study English

based upon present,past and future continuous

16) i am studying English

17) i was studying English

18) i will be studying English

based upon present perfect,past perfect and future perfect.

19) i have studied English

20) i had studied English

21) i will have studied English

based upon present perfect continuous,past perfect continuous and future perfect continuous

22) i have been studying English

23) i had been studying English

24) i will have been studying English

its my request to the member of this forum to answer this question in detail like following example so that i can understand what actually particular tense want to say.

If I have time, I study English.
Sometimes I have time.

If I had time, I would study English.
I don't have time.

Can you try at least some of them yourself, first?

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sir, i would request you to answer these question as you are veteran member of this forum.it will not only help me but will prove to be quite helpful to other novice member also.
"HANUMAN_2000" sir, where are you.i wanted this answers particularly from you in 'Hindi language'.you can send answers to my inbox as non-English languages are not allowed to write in this forum.
thank you.
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Sir, are all these 24 sentences that he has written above correct?