Does this word "Frenches" exist?

What is the different between Frenchmen and the French?

One French/Frenhman lives in my home<<<Does this sentence correct?

Thank you
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The difference is how they can be used in a sentence.

"One Frenchman lives in my home." is correct.

"The French" refers to all of them.
Use "the French" when you talk about the people in France as a whole.
The French are extremely proud of their cultural heritage.
The French and the German were once permanent enemies.

Use "Frenchmen" when you talk about persons from France individually.
Yesterday I met two Frenchmen who didn't speak other than French.
Most Frenchmen are smart dressers and gourmets.

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Hi guys,

I haven't heard the term 'Frenchman' for years. It sounds rather quaint.

In these gender-conscious times, I'd say that the term sounds like it is intended to exclude the women of France.

Best wishes, Clive
If i want to say a person who is French, how can i say? French or Frenchman or Frenchwoman?

Does "Frenches" this word exist?

You can say "a French man" or " a French woman", depending on their gender.

And no, "Frenches" doesn't exist.
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I'm also curious about the existence of the word "frenches" as I can say that "Italians " exists!

Am I wrong? Everywhere u can find this funny sentence: Italians do it better!

It's , of course, just a joke but I think this sentence well expresses what I mean!

The commonest expressions are probably 'a French person' and 'French people'.

Best wishes, Clive
Thank you^^
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