I am going to be teaching this soon and just can't figure out how to explain the difference in uses. As a native speaker I don't think about it.
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Thanks you helped at my exam
which one is right
the weather forecast says it (is going to be or will be ) hot tomorrow
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Both are common.
Usage the Will :
-Predictions ex: It will rain tomorrow morning.
-Scheduled events ex: The football match will start at 3:00 p.M.
-Making offers ex: I'll / I will make you some coffee
-Promises ex: I'll / I will telephone you after class.

This is a great website I love it
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how can you explain these ?
  • The year 2222 will be a very interesting year.
  • The year 2222 is going to be a very interesting year.
  • John Smith will be the next President.
  • John Smith is going to be the next President.
  • The movie "Zenith" will win several Academy Awards.
  • The movie "Zenith" is going to win several Academy Awards.
Anonymoushow can you explain these ?
What do you want explained that has not been already explained? Have your read the thread? Did you follow CJ's link ( http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/Will/xcwv/post.htm#sc69510 )?

Many native speakers in fact use the two forms almost interchangeably without any thought about it.
well, if we use be going to it's for a planned action, will is for not planned decisionEmotion: smoking
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Anonymouswell, if we use be going to it's for a planned action, will is for not planned decision
That is the general observation, yes, but native speakers do not always observe it.
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