What is the difference between "institute" and "institution"?
Nothing definitive I can think of. Institutes tend to be non-profit organizations of the liberal arts or sciences.
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'Institute' is the method of referring to a firm/organisation engaged in some activity, esp., commercial or social.

'Institution' is the method of describing a widely prevalent practice, esp. marriage, etc. You must have heardpeople whine, "The institution of corruption has assumed alarming proportions".

Whereas the word ' Institution ' is meant to refer to the wider concept or scope for social-regional, national, global or,even, universal welfare or happiness causes or ideals ; the word ' Institute', is, me thinks, to be used for any closed set-up organisation, aiming at and or working for any social, profiteering or otherwise -- Popuri Satyanarayana Murthy, AGM(RTD.) BSNL, Government Of India, 11-678, Srirama Nagar, Yerrabalem, Mangalagiri, DT. Guntur, A. P. India, Email Removed