Is it that landscape and " scenery/sight" is the same meaning?

I still think that landscape and terrain is synonym. Is it correct?


You'll find definitions in your dictionary, but let me offer a few comments to help your understanding of how these words are used.

landscape - This is a rather poetic, literary word.

If you ask me, 'What is the landscape like in Southern Ontario?', I might answer 'It's beautiful. Right now, in the Spring, everything is green and lush'.

scenery - Typically refers to a less broad area than landscape, and focuses more on what you can actually see and less on your opinions about it. 'There are are a lot of trees and it's mostly flat'.

sight - Usually refers to a smaller, more specific area. eg 'Look at that huge tree over there. It's a beautiful sight.'

terrain - Usually used in a very practical discussion of geographic features. eg 'The terrain in Southern Ontario consists of open grassland, forests and some small hills'. Discussion of terrain also often involves assessing its practical suitability for people, eg 'Southern Ontario has good terrain for farming, but in the North the hills make agriculture impractical and travelling difficult for people'.

Best wishes, Clive
If you live in the city or the suburbs, "landscape" is usually a verb or adjective, rather than a noun. The guy who mows your lawn is a landscape gardener, and the home improvement store offers deals on plants, shrubs, trees, and edging materials with which you can landscape your house.