I really don't know the difference between them.
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Technique and method can sometimes be used interchangeably.

Here is the main difference:
Method: a settled kind of procedure, usually according to a definite, established, logical, or systematic plan: the open-hearth method of making steel; one method of solving a problem.

Technique: the manner and ability with which an artist, writer, dancer, athlete, lawyer, or the like employs the technical skills of a particular art or field of endeavor so as to effect a desired result.
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1.Acting technique:
a theory and system of acting that involves the actor identifying strongly with the internal motivation of the character being portrayed. It is based on the teachings of Konstantin Stanislavsky.
2.Way of doing something:
-a way of doing something or carrying something out, especially according to a plan.
-a successful method of teaching reading.
orderly thought, action, or technique
- There is no method at all in his filing system.
4.the body of techniques:
the body of systematic techniques used by a particular discipline, especially a scientific one.


1.Procedure or skill required:
the procedure, skill, or art used in a specific task
2.Treatment of basics:
the way in which the basics of something such as an artistic work or a sport are treated.
3.Skill possessed:
skill or expertise in doing a specific thing.
• a pianist with superb technique
4.a special ability :
a special ability or knack


MS Word.
Please define in the similar environment.
A technique is a man made strategy or tactic, while the method is the approach or pathway. Think of it this way: education is a method of developing individuals intellectually, while the teachers specific approach to delivering that education is a technique he/she has acquired or developed.
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So the method is a unique think, but technique are vary man to man.
Dowon I really don't know the difference between them.

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