I have question about english grammar. I have been studying english grammar for a two month. I'm using grammar book that is "Basic Grammar in use by Cambridge". It is good.
Now, I'm in UNIT 30. title is MIGHT and MAY. I'm understood how to use that.

But, I dont understand what is difference between might and may. book says might and may
is same. Is it same perfectly? Any differnces? I want to know that How to use might and may in real life.

Thank you sir.
if you want to fix you grasp of modal verbs you might find the little quizzes on this website helpful -
http://www.englishpage.com/modals /
may = possible, might = more doubtful than "may"
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It is just a matter of possibility.

eg. You may ( might ) succeed in the end.

might is less likely to succeed than mayEmotion: smile
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