Hello. If possible, I'd like to see the pictures of them.

Of course, only the explanation is OK.

Thank you in advance.
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Do it yourself.
Go to Yahoo
and search for
porch images
Thank you, but it's difficult to find images.

I searched for pictures, but I couldn't find picutures on the Yahoo.

In Japan, a balcony means a kind of room outside of the house.

A veranda is not a room. Just the place for putting something, drying the clothes, or smoking.

Would you tell me the difference between a balcony and veranda?

Thank you.
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> I searched for pictures, but I couldn't find picutures on the Yahoo.
Give me a break, will you? Do exactly what I told you and you will find:
I didn't know the way to search for the images. Thank you very much!
Glad you found your way!
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In the US, a porch is at street level. (You walk from the street onto the porch, and then knock on the door) A house can have a front porch and a back porch. Porches are narrow, often for sitting in front of the house and watching the activity on the street. Porches usually are covered by a roof, and open tooutside air.

A balcony is always above street level. You cannot walk to the street from the balcony (you have to climb down)
Apartment buildings can have a balcony for each unit.
A deck is made of wood, and a usually large a space for entertaining, such as a bar-be-que. Decks can be at different levels, but usually have steps to get to the street level. Normally decks are built in back of a house. A deck can be built around a swimming pool. It might be covered, but often not.
A patio is usually not made of wood. It is made of concrete or stone. It is for entertaining. Many modest homes have patios.
A veranda is a large porch, usually with a roof, sometimes enclosed. You find verandas on very large, expensive homes.
WIkipedia has some pictures and more description:

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