What is the difference between scripture and bible?

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Most literate religions have scriptures (any writing or book, especially when of a sacred or religious nature).
The Bible is the Christian scripture.

Having said that, 'scripture' is also used to refer specifically to the Bible (often, Scriptures. Also called Holy Scripture, Holy Scriptures. the sacred writings of the Old or New Testaments or both together), and 'bible' is often used to refer to other central books of study (lowercase, the sacred writings of any religion; any book, reference work, periodical, etc., accepted as authoritative, informative, or reliable: He regarded Peterson's field guide as the birdwatchers' bible).
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Thank you for your help!

The answer is okay but that is not the the answer of the question . The question is to state the difference between scripture and bible not scriptures and scripture or bible.

I don't think you read the answer very carefully. The answer is clear:

"The Bible is the Christian scripture."

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