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Do the words 'waiting' and 'awaiting' mean the same?

In what context is each word used?

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In this respect, Pieanne, medical English is subject to the same rules. It is not uncommon to say "We are awaiting the results", "results are awaited" but "we are still waiting for the results" is probably the most commonly used.
Just to clarify: as well as 'wait for' –

1. I'm still waiting for the report = I'm still awaiting the report

there's also the simple non-phrasal use of 'wait':

2. "Where's MrP?" "He's waiting outside."

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wait for and await have the same meaning. But wait alone does not equate with await.

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No, of course, as we said, it requires "for".
Await is a formal word and mostly used with abstract objects. Unlike wait, it does not take the preposition for..
1- We are still awaiting instructions.
2- Back then, I was awaiting my result.
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Your reply is still awaited.

Report is yet to be received.
The tests have been sent but the reports are still pending.
The tests have been sent but we have not received the reports yet.
This should help you guys:

'Waiting' is used for a person in particular.
'Awaiting' is used for some news or result.

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Still confused....! In both sentences there is an object: "something"
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